Self Assessment Checklist

Self Assessment Tax Return Checklist

Victoria Scally News

We know what it’s like, the Self Assessment rolls around pretty quickly. Remembering what you need to provide to support your tax return can be a challenge.

If you complete your tax return yourself or have a professional do this for you, you will need good records.

We know that when you are going back over all of the years’ documents, it’s easy to forget or lose track of what you need to support your Self Assessment Tax Return.

We’ve created a handy list of paperwork we request the most each year:


This is a form that tells you what taxable benefits you have received – think medical insurance, cars etc.

Pension P60s

If you receive a pension, this shows your total amount of taxable ‘earnings’ for the year.


If you have left a job during the year, this piece of paper will give you your taxable earnings while you worked there.

Interest from bank accounts

The interest from any bank account, apart from an ISA (where you’re within your tax free limit) must be included on the return. While it is unlikely for many people there will be tax due on this thanks to the generous tax breaks around interest, the amounts should still be declared.

Student Loan information

If you had a student loan, you will need to know what ‘plan’ type you are on. You may also need confirmation of what has been deducted by your employer during the year, if this occurs.