For Starting Out

Give your business the best possible start with clear guidance and an experienced team to help.


For Growth

When your business grows, so do your options. Expert advice and guidance so you can get the most from your business.


For Change

When you’ve reached your potential with your current suppliers or need to consolidate some processes. Flexible solutions to suit your business.




At Heelan Associates, we are passionate about business.


Our team helps small business owners all over the UK to start, survive and grow.


We do this by:

  • Helping you to understand your business numbers so you can make better decisions
  • Saving you time & tax
  • Providing trusted advice through our close relationship with you


Paleo Ridge Raw, Hampshire
Tyler Daly, Director Paleo Ridge Raw, Hampshire Heelan Associates customer since: 2015 Paleo Ridge Raw is a family run working dog food business based in rural Hampshire. They used Heelan ...
Care Case Study Image
Universal Care Agency Limited, Portsmouth
Victor Agamasu, Managing Director. Universal Care Agency Limited, Portsmouth Heelan Associates customer since: 2009 “When we set up our business bank account in Portsmouth, we were recommended to Heelan Associates. The ...
Arc Vision Consulting Image
Arc Vision Limited, Hampshire
Andy Chambers, Managing Director Arc Vision Limited, Hampshire Heelan Associates customer since: 2010 “As a Contractor looking to set up a Limited Company, finding the right finance partner for me ...


Our experienced team will work with you to create the solution to suit your business goals.


21 June 2022
It’s a question around limited companies that we get asked all the time. The short answer is (in the words of Little Britain’s schoolgirl Vicky Pollard), ‘No, but….’. New business ...
13 June 2022
Many people will have heard the saying, ‘Work ON your business, not IN it’. In the small business world this can often feel impossible. There is never enough time in ...
31 May 2022
Whilst this is a great (?!) accounting joke we do every year, it is also a fairly exciting point in the year for us tax geeks. The start of the ...
25 May 2022
In a rare excursion outside the office, our team spent two packed days of talks, presentations and freebies at the mega industry trade show ‘Accountex’. I’m sure an accounting conference ...
14 June 2022
If you are carrying out your own book-keeping on accounting software, this may sound familiar! You’ve done all the data entry. You pat yourself on the back for a job ...
10 May 2022
It’s quite likely that as a new business owner, you’ll need to buy things to get your business rolling in advance, such as: stock website/s and hosting advertising IT hardware ...
21 April 2022
Self-employed travel is actually more complex that many people think, so here’s our overview of the key rules. Is it relevant? As a reminder, the simple(?!) rule for whether something ...
21 April 2022
With rising fuel prices becoming an issue for many self-employed people, here’s our overview of the rules relating to business travel as a self-employed person and/or sole trader. The rules ...
14 April 2022
Right now, the UK is in a financial squeeze. You’ve only just come out of the most intense trading conditions during peak COVID and now this. It can feel like ...