how to set up a limited company

How To Set Up A Limited Company

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What you need to know As a team of business accountants, we spend all day helping business owners make the leap to becoming limited company owners. In this blog we …

furlough scheme

Furlough Extension & Flexible Furlough

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The Chancellor made an announcement on 29th May 2020 that the furlough scheme will be tweaked and extended. Here is the summary: From 1st July: Employers can bring people back …

cash flow is king

Cash flow basics

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This quick blog is about simple cash flow planning. You may have heard the phrase ‘cash is king’ – we prefer ‘cash flow is king’. What is cash flow? A …

business rates

Business Rates Support

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During these challenging ‘COVID-19’ times, the government has released a giant support package for businesses.  Business rates are just one of the many areas where support is being provided. Like …