Company Culture: The Heelan Huddle

Victoria Scally News

At Heelan Associates, our company culture is important to us. We know that what our clients like is how approachable the team is, and this extends throughout all aspects of the business.

For those of you who follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen we have a morning team ‘huddle’.

This is not something that’s a unique idea, many businesses do this but we thought we would share what we do and why we feel it is so important to our accountancy firm company culture.

Our general (very loose!) agenda, for no more than 15 minutes is:

Share success stories from the day before.

This is a mix of client success stories such as their excellent profits and growth, awards, new hires etc and our own internal successes.

It can be as simple as managing to get a bank statement we’ve been working on getting from a client for some time. Technology has made instances less frequent. However, we understand that businesses have many priorities to juggle. Getting what we need to do our job the best we can is a winning story.

It reminds us of why what we do is important and the positive impact on our clients.

It also is great for keeping all of the team up to date with clients they may not deal with very regularly.

News and Insight.

We take the time also to chat about what is happening in the industry. What books we’ve read or podcasts we’ve listened to. Specifically, what we found most interesting that’s worth sharing with the team.

It’s safe to say the whole team are interested in adding to their skill set as much as they can. We’re always very keen to share any news and insight that’s doing the rounds.

If there’s been any big news, of course, particularly around the economy and any budget updates from the chancellor, always get high billing in a team discussion. In some cases, further meetings are raised off the back of questions or clarifications needed.

We also share any progress on our internal goals and targets.

What is happening in the building today.

We talk about what clients are being met with today and any notable events in the diary.

This gives us all an opportunity to consider if we have anything to give to the client, or speak to them about we can.

Any other business.

An finish with an opportunity to bring up anything operational (like whose turn it is to stack the dishwasher. . . ) or any other client business.

What’s the benefit?

We believe this helps us stay focussed and driven, and so our clients can access the benefits of our accountancy firm’s company culture. 

This focus on being proactive helps us make sure we stay on top of our clients. Across the business nothing is a surprise – internally or externally.

We would highly recommend to any of our clients if you don’t do this currently.

Invite us to your Huddle!

Further to our commitment to help you drive your business forward, if you have a regular team huddle, invite your Team Heelan representative along. 

These helps us get a great sense of where your business is at today. Alongside, the more strategic finance conversations we will have with you.

We’re committed to driving forward the accountancy firm company culture, so if you have tips and advice on other ways you keep your team engaged, we’d love to hear it.