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A day in the life at Heelan Associates: Helen

Victoria Scally News


Helen is our resident admin heroine.

She makes sure everything behind the scenes at Heelan Associates runs like clockwork.

About Helen

I’ve been with Heelan Associates for nearly 9 months.

The best way to describe me is probably as the office ‘mum’.

I make sure that everything runs smoothly in the background, most important job being that mugs are clean and ready for the many cups of tea that accountants and book-keepers need to drink”

Helen’s Day

First thing

I work in the mornings only, so my day starts with moving the many items and paperwork that are placed on my desk from the previous afternoon!

Once I’ve managed to get to my keyboard I check my emails and look to see if I have any tasks from the boss.

If I have any queries which need input now is the best time to grab Dan before the office gets busy.

team standup meeting Before 10am

Once everyone is in the office we have our daily huddle which is a chance for everyone to share their success stories. 

I enjoy hearing about the team’s coming working day.  

This is where the team will share if we have clients due in. This means I can then update the welcome sign in our parking space that we like to personalise.



The bulk of my day is spent doing ‘admin stuff’ which might include adding the details of a new client on the database, ordering stationery supplies or ensuring paperwork is returned to the right client.

I answer the majority of phone calls and greet clients when they come to visit us in the morning. It’ll most likely be me that you’ll speak to if you call us!






Before Lunchtime

I usually leave at lunchime. 

My priorities before my day is over are to update Dan with progress on any tasks he’s requested, before I then head home. 

#HeelanHub Preparation

Once a month we have the Heelan Hub which is a networking event and I ensure this runs smoothly.

The best bit is that I get to choose what cakes and biscuits we have.

I spend the morning making drinks for our guests and chatting to everyone.