A day in the life at Heelan Associates: Becki

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Becki has been part of the Heelan associates team for 5 years.

About Becki

“I have been working at Heelan Associates for 5 years since after my youngest son was born. Working on bookkeeping since the beginning, one of my favourite aspects of the job is how it is constantly changing.

I enjoy keeping up with the latest developments and reading around the topic so that I am able to move with the times. My remit covers a broad range of clients from contractors to property developers. I consider myself to be super organised but with the job, you will find there is a lot of ad hoc work that comes up too so time management is extremely important.

Becki’s Day
First Thing

The first thing I do when I get to work is make a cuppa for the bookkeeping team.

Once that is made, we all participate in the daily morning meeting, ‘Heelan Huddle.’

This enables us to discuss what is happening in the office that day and any success stories from the day before.

It’s always good to hear these as it can make a really positive start for the morning. After the ‘Heelan Huddle,’ I check in with the team and make sure they are set up and happy with their workload for the day and check if they need any support.

On a bi-weekly basis, we have a meeting to review how our work is progressing that month and if anyone needs to pick anything up. Once I have done this, I will check my emails and deal with any necessary correspondence and look at what I am doing for the day ahead.


team standup meeting

I am usually started on whatever I need to do that day.

The best part about what I do is that no two days are the same.

One day I might be working with one of the accountants to review a year-end, the next I could be bookkeeping to submit a CIS return or VAT return.


I will usually have lunch with the bookkeeping team. We generally chat about home life, our kids’ latest news and food comes into the conversation a lot.

Everyone generally wants to eat what the others have brought in, naturally!


After lunch I will again briefly check my emails and deal with anything urgent and then continue with what I was doing in the morning.

Another super important aspect of my job is admin.

It’s equally as important as bookkeeping for clients.

The admin can include emails, filing and paperwork that has built up on my desk.

I go and pick the kids up from school around 3pm.