Heelans top 5 blogs for 2022

Kirsty Young Advice and Tips

As you may know, we write a lot of blogs each year to help keep you informed of changes, and also to help small business owners understand more about tax and accounting.

It’s really good to see just how many people read them, and how some naturally are more popular than others.

So without further ado, here are our top five blogs from 2022, as read by you, dear readers!

The Self Employed £1000 Trading Allowance Explained

Are you paying too much tax? The £1000 Trading Allowance is one of those reliefs that self-employed business owners often overlook. The good news is that it can also apply to your side hustle income!


Pool Cars for Small Business Explained

With the massive jump in fuel prices during 2022, it’s no surprise that this blog made the top 5. Dan explains the differences between the tax treatment of company cars and tax-free pool cars – and the strict rules about usage.


Starting a Second Job as Self Employed? Read this.

second job side hustle


According to research released by Censuswide , 16% of UK employees are considering taking a second job to help with bills and cost of living. In this popular article, Dan takes a look at the tax implications of two income streams.

Directors Salary – the Basics

Probably one of the most asked questions from people who have started a new limited company – how do I pay myself? Salary/PAYE, dividends or both? Dan takes a look at the pros and cons of all three options.


Claiming Fuel Expenses: Limited Company Guide

claiming fuel expenses limited company

An oldie but a goodie. We get questions related to claiming fuel expenses all the time and it’s fair to say that claiming fuel expenses has become more complex. Dan explains the rules over commuting, round sum allowances, and HMRC Approved Mileage Payment rates.


Not just blogs

Alongside the blogs, Dan records a regular video and podcast, which (usually) goes into more detail than the blog. So if you prefer to listen or watch than read, here are the links:

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