Paleo Ridge Raw, Hampshire


Tyler Daly, Director
Paleo Ridge Raw, Hampshire
Heelan Associates customer since: 2015

Paleo Ridge Raw is a family run working dog food business based in rural Hampshire.

They used Heelan Associates to help them get set up as a limited company and to get off the ground from the very early days – when the business was being run from home.

“When setting up Paleo Ridge Raw we were looking for a local accounting firm to help us get started. We instantly took to Heelan Associates being a family run business like us, and the feeling that they would be proactive and approachable as we started to build and scale our business going forward.”

Heelan Associates look after payroll, book-keeping and as a Company Secretary for Paleo Ridge Raw. We also attend monthly meetings to check in on business progress and work out a way to help the business plan for any large payments, planning and performance.

Tyler added: “Heelan Associates were especially useful when we’d outgrown our small bedroom operation. Dan correctly advised that things may be tight for a few months while the move of premises went through, but helped us plan for it – and got us through the other side. With Heelan Associates you just get the sense that they’ve got it covered for you – and are there to support you regardless of how small or complex your business challenge.”